The Call was Accepted!

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On March 30th, 2014 Hope Lutheran and Bethesda Lutheran churches in Northome and Mizpah, Minnesota extended a letter of call for me, Jesse, to come and serve them as pastor.

On April 12th I responded and accepted the call. After years of prayer and preparation I am excited to begin this new chapter of life, to take up the call of God and serve the people of Northome and Mizpah!

It was agreed that my official start date will be June 8th, 2014.

UPDATE: Shingles and Virus

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shinglesTHE GIRLS: The stomach pain has been gone for almost 2 weeks! We are praising the Lord! HOWEVER, now we have what people are calling a flu-virus running through our house. Runny noses, stuffed heads, coughing and vomiting. No fun, but most people seem to recover in a couple of days AND it’s not the same thing we’ve been battling for months, so we are still praising God!

SHINGLES: 10 days ago I discovered I had shingles! Someone told me I was stressed out, I yelled at them and said “I AM NOT STRESSED OUT!” …. Just kidding, I didn’t yell at anyone. Seriously, I have not been stressed internally, apparently your body can only take so much physically. At least that’s what the Doctor says. Anyway, my shingles experience was no where as painful as others. God gave me enough strength to still preach at a Rally on Saturday and in our service on Sunday.

walkingSunday afternoon, we were able to spend some time with some friends we’ve made in our church family. We were even able to enjoy the beautiful spring outside and enjoy a walk. You can see from the pic just how much my kids love the people here. One of them cried for 15 minutes when she found out she wasn’t able to go to church because of the flu-virus in our house. The others over and over again talk about all the people and things they will miss when we are gone.

Still Improving

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ND Sunset Monday Night: Things took a turn for the worst. The pain returned, our hopes were almost crushed.

Tuesday: “H” had a pain free day and with Mommy praised God for it at bedtime. “G” only mentioned pain once during the day, then again at bedtime, but had little trouble getting to sleep.

Wednesday: “H” had another pain free day! “G” woke up in pain, mentioned it in the day and at bed time but never got to the point of tears!

In summary: There has been no tears shed since Sunday night(edited) Monday night! That is the first two days without tears for us since early January! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!


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IMG_1614Her Sunday Morning: Crying in pain continuously from the moment she is carried from bed to the breakfast table, carried to the car, and from the car to a seat in church. Through the tears on the way to church she said “It hurts so bad, I just want to die.”

Her Sunday Afternoon: (Pictured left) She could be found playing with her brothers and sisters, completely distracted from any pain!

Her Sunday Night: Nights have been the worst, often keeping us up till the wee hours in the morning. Last night, she went to bed with her siblings without mentioning pain (we were holding our breath).

Monday Morning: No mention or indication of pain, not from her or her sister. We are prayerfully giving thanks for any time we get to enjoy that is pain free. We are at this point skeptically hopeful.


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So I am at church preparing for Sunday, and I call home to check-in… Grace is on the couch crying in pain, again. Paula talked to our doctor’s nurse today who only gave us the run around… again. In fact now the doctor took away one of our options to pursue, because she doesn’t think the girls still have the swollen lymph nodes that the CT Scans showed. Her logic, because they had meds for it. So they should be better right? Well they are not. They never even fully recovered even though one of them improved while on the meds… this all hurts deeply, we are exhausted after 3 months of our girls in such pain… please take this away Lord, please take this away.